Music project in the kindergarten of a country school

The kindergarden children in Terstenik love music but they need instruments to improve their music skills.

Funded 105.38%

45% Complete

€1,370 raisedd 1,370 raisedd

€1,370 raised of 1,300€

Dairy Bazaar "From Mother"

A Dairy Bazaar that will lead economic empowerment of women farmers in the Municipality of Gjakova.

Funded 2%

45% Complete

€200 raisedd 200 raisedd

€200 raised of 10,000€

Cycle Kosovo for Children

The Cycle Kosovo for Children in cooperation with Action for Mothers and Children organize the yearly charity cycling tour around Kosovo.

Funded 100.25%

45% Complete

€2,005 raisedd 2,005 raisedd

€2,005 raised of 2,000€

“Books-Education and Experience"

The project is about publishing a book that tackles war and post-war experience in Kosovo, and appreciation of life in peace and harmony.

Funded 101.75%

45% Complete

€4,070 raisedd 4,070 raisedd

€4,070 raised of 4,000€

Treatment and Castration of stray dogs in Kosovo

Give a stray dog once in his life the chance to get a veterinary treatment!

Funded 36.33%

45% Complete

€1,635 raisedd 1,635 raisedd

€1,635 raised of 4,500€

Cultural Park "Ali Podrimja"

An open-air Cultural Park where cinematography, and other visual arts can be displayed, with space for expression from young talents.

Funded 102.23%

45% Complete

€11,020 raisedd 11,020 raisedd

€11,020 raised of 10,780€

Clarinets and Flutes Maintenance

A music professor at the music school in Gjakova realizes a workshop for the repair of clarinets and flutes for students in Kosovo

Funded 101.07%

45% Complete

€2,830 raisedd 2,830 raisedd

€2,830 raised of 2,800€

Visual art project in a country school

100 children paint and draw regularly once a week under professional guidance and with your help also in 2017 and 2018

Funded 109.38%

45% Complete

€875 raisedd 875 raisedd

€875 raised of 800€

Summer Camps for Youth Empowerment

Seeking support to send underprivileged youth to summer camps run by TOKA, an NGO that provides transformative experiences to young Kosovars

Funded 101.38%

45% Complete

€4,055 raisedd 4,055 raisedd

€4,055 raised of 4,000€

Termokiss - Community Center

Termokiss is a community-run center in Prishtina with the mission of urban and civil exchange, reflection and changemaking.

Funded 100.14%

45% Complete

€20,028 raisedd 20,028 raisedd

€20,028 raised of 20,000€

Tournant: The Movie!

A story of a girl, a story of struggle, but also a story of a team of youths like us that want to overcome circumstance by making magic real

Funded 62.3%

45% Complete

€3,115 raisedd 3,115 raisedd

€3,115 raised of 5,000€


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