Since the year 2010 funding projects through specialized internet platforms became more and more popular. Successful Crowdfunding platforms are connecting social and art projects, start-ups, new ideas and initiatives all over the globe with millions of backers who support the projects with donations, equity, loans and other forms of funds. It works in USA, in Europe, in Switzerland, in India as well as Africa or Far East. We want to make it work also for Kosovo.


is the first crowdfunding platform 100% committed to projects in all fields of art & culture, civic engagement and sustainability realized in and for Kosovo. It connects project owners with their community in and outside Kosovo.

On kosovaideas.com you can present your project worldwide and can get funding from backers from your neighborhood, your specific community, your relatives and friends near and abroad, the diaspora and fans of your project yet unknown to you all over the world.

As backer you can detect, support and follow projects in Kosovo from where ever you are.


Start Your Project

You would like to fund a project in Kosovo, a project you are passionate about and you are convinced it is relevant for others? Start your crowdfunding campaign! We assist you in getting your project ready for crowdfunding and taking it online in no time at all. We also have valuable tips at hand for you on how to reach your funding goal.



Start your KOSOVA ideas project in min. two (Albanian and English) and up to four languages (plus German and French)- in Euro of Swiss Frances. This allows you to reach an international audience.



Benefit from our cooperation with media partners, foundations and institutions who will support and back your project.



KOSOVA ideas is the right place to strengthen your network and to convince our community.



We want your success as much as you: we remain at your side for the entire duration of the campaign. Our service fee covers personalized online feedback, consulting as well as workshops.


Transparent Costs

If your project is successful (equals min. 35% of financing goal reached within 15 days), we deduct 10% of the total amount raised during the 45 days period (6% service and 4% payment fees). Not more and not less. If you should not make it, you will not incur any costs at all and the amounts collected will be attributed to other campaigns by Kosovaideas.

You may trust us

When it comes to money, we are very Swiss: upon conclusion of the project, the funds collected will be paid out to you quickly and reliably.