Mitrovica Celebrates - Christmas Market & Decoration of the main square of Mitrovica

by Cultural Artistic Association AD LIBITUM

Funding for this Campaign ended on 2017-12-24


Raised out of 9570.00€




Days Remaining


Decoration of the main square of Mitrovica,Christmas Market and many Concerts with famous artists including all communities living in Mitro.

The Initiative to decorate the main square during the Christmas period was taken by Cultural- Artistic Association AD LIBITUM for the first time during the year 2016\2017.
The project was supported by Municipality of Mitrovica, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and the major part was donated from private sponsors including business companies and citizens of Mitrovica. 
Considering the political situation, ethnic tensions which are still present in Mitrovica, this project helped to release the tension between both sides by bringing citizens from North and South every day in Christmas Market and during the evenings to the concerts where they had the possibility to enjoy all those artists together.
The motto "Divided city celebrates together" has the intention to bring people from both sides of Mitrovica to celebrate together, as it has happened during the last year by contributing directly to relaxation of the ethnically tensions and creating a possibility for the young generation to know each other better and to communicate directly. 
The christmas market was accepted very positively from people which have requested to repeat the project and to become traditional. 
Therefore this year we are planing to organize the project again and try raise the funds to be able to buy the necessary equipment which would be used in the next years not only for the Christmas Market but also for other cultural activities which will happen during the year.
Until now we have received support for Decoration of the square, payment for artists and stage lighting from Municipality of Mitrovica (Depratment of Culture) and Centre for Cultural Heritage - Mitrovica.
Considering the total amount of the project of 23.000 euros which is impossible to create it by our own we kindly ask for support from you to complete the other half of the project  to be able to build wooden houses which will be used for the Christmas Market, concert stage and sound amplifiers for the concerts which will be used regularly during the project and other cultural activities.

The Decoration of the square, Christmas Market and concert activities will start from 01.12.2017 - 03.01.2018

Required Budget via KOSOVA ideas:

Restoration of 6 wooden houses including isolation and purchase of wood material, 6x350
Total - 2100

Construction of Concert Scene 6.5m x 5m with the roof (cover) - Total 2000

Sound system:4 Bass Amplifiers 800w, 4x325 - Total 1300

5 Microphones- Shure K58, 5x200 - Total 1000

4 Upper Amplifiers 600w, 4x300€ - Total 1200

2 Monitors, 2x250€ - Total 500

1 Voice Controller - Total 400

Cables and other connecting equipment - Total 200

10% for creditcard-, banktransfer- and KosovaIdeas Platform Fees  (870€)

Total required budget: 9.570

The rest of the  budget (13.430) was raised from local institutions, Banks, Companies and Private sponsors.

  • avatar-male
    Arben Ademi

    Artistic Director

    Arben Ademi Was Born On 17.02.1986 In Mitrovica. Arben Finished His Bachelor And Master Studies In Maastricht (Netherlands). He Is A Founder Of Cultural - Artistic Association AD LIBITUM Where He Has Implemented Many Projects Until Now. Beside AD LIBITUM, Arben Works At Music School "Tefta Tashko In Mitrovica As A Viola & Chamber Music Teacher. During the Festive Square he will be in charge to coordinate the activities of decoration and the Christmas Market

  • avatar-male
    Vejsel Abdurrahmani

    Organizer of Christmas Market

    Vejsel Abdurrahmani, Was Born In Mitrovica.Graduated At The University Of Prishtina. He Is A Co-Founder Of Cultural - Artistic Association AD LIBITUM, Currently Working As A Guitar Teacher At Music School Tefta Tashko".

  • avatar-male
    Samir Kurti


    Samir was born in Mitrovica where he works already for a long time as a photographer and cameraman. He will be i charge for multimedia during the activities .

  • avatar-male
    Tringa Sadiku

    Responsible for artists (Concert

    Tringa is a passionate musician and painter studying Guitar, at the Academy of Music in Pristina. She will be responsible for the musical part including singers,bands, dancers etc.

  • avatar-male
    Fidan Strumcaku


Bashkim Dolaku

great campaign! Let's make our city shine!


great campaign! Let's give a chance to the youth of Mitrovica to celebrate together and make our city shine!

Dardan Ibishi

great campaign, keep up the good work

Rron Hasani

Fantastic idea ! Good luck!

Gazmend Haxhikadriu

Ju lumte djema, jeni fantastik

Aurora Group

I wish you good luck with your campaign


Wonderful initiative hopefully we will have more projects like this in our city!


Looking forward to visit the city. Great job guys!

Georg Fankhauser

Looking forward to a peaceful stroll in Mitrovica city during December. Great job and initiative!


The motto "Divided City Celebrates Together" must one day become "Unified City Lives Together And Creates Synergies For The Future Generations".

Mentor Latifi

Punë të mbarë!

Agron Abrashi

Let's build the future together! That is the only hope left.