Heating for the kindergarden "ANDRRA"

by IEAP Kopshti ANDRRA

Funding for this Campaign ended on 2017-12-23


Raised out of 4800.00€




Days Remaining


ANDRRA maintains the name of a longtime DREAM to realize an idea that has emerged from the sole purpose, the well-being of children.

The kindergarden ANDRRA is a Preschool and Day Care Institution. It is located in the Old Baazar in Gjakova, it is a private institution and only works from the parents' payments.

The kindergarden was opened on June 6, 2016. It is an institution licensed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and possesses all the conditions for a genuine education and care of children aged 6 months to 6 years.

The founders of ‘Andrra’ are Emirejeta Kumnova-Hoxha, Clinical Psychologist and Shpresa Komani-Frrokaj School Psychologist, who with their contribution as women have managed to employ 8 other women, 6 educators, 1 female cook and an administration manager, thus improving directly the life of eight families in Gjakova.

ANDRRA maintains the name of a longtime DREAM to realize an idea that has emerged from the sole purpose of physical, emotional, and psychic well-being of children, so as to influence the development of healthy generations for a better future for our city.

‘Andrra’ kindergarden with a qualified staff, above all, promotes policies for the protection of children's rights, equality and non-discrimination where maintaining the psychological and physical well-being is one of the fundamental objectives of our program.

The kindergarden offers:

·      Day care during 5 business days including weekend days;

·      Additional activities for children with special needs in kindergarten services;

·    Individual and group psychological support and counseling for parents and children, from clinical and school psychologists;

·      Psycho-educational activities with kindergarten children and school children;

·      Professional music activities once a week;

·      Activities in the fields of art.

We work with only one motive WE LOVE SEEING CHILDREN SMILE

We live in Kosovo and we still have various difficulties, although we are a private institution, we offer 50% discount and 30% for these categories:

·      Children with special needs;

·      Children with brothers or sisters with special needs;

·      Children with divorced parents;

·      Children with only one parent, having lost one parent;

·      Children with social assistance;

·      Children whose parents are unemployed.

Being self-financed and without any support for the Kindergarden, we are dealing with an obstacle. Knowing the problems that Kosovo sometimes has with electricity, the heating in the Kindergarden is conditioned by electricity. So we are looking for another alternative and it may be heating with pellets, which would improve the quality of our services. Pellet heating is the best option because even if there are electricity problems, there can be used a converter and we would overcome this problem.

In order for our activities to continue and so that the children keep doing their activities even when the power goes off, we need funds to make it happen.


In total, we need about 4800 Euros to make the purchase of the material, installation, pellet mechanism and pellet purchase for about 5 months, and the remaining part of the money is needed for servicing and other means, 10% for creditcard-, banktransfer- and KosovaIdeas Platform Fees (3-6% creditcard-, bank transfers and 4-7% platform Fees):

1.     Carbopress pipes                                                      665,00 EUR
2.     Carbopress rings                                                    73,00 EUR
3.     Carbopress loops                                             74,00 EUR
4.     Carbopress enclosure                                              36,00 EUR 
5.     Pellet Oven                                    1'808,00 EUR
6.     Pellets                                     570,00 EUR
7.     Installation                                                    300,00 EUR
8.     Collectors                                                           344,00 EUR
9.     Aluminum foil for floor heating                                                                                450,00 EUR
10. 10 % creditcard-, banktransfer-  and KOSOVA ideas Platform Fees 
480,00 EUR

                                                                                                                   Total: 4'800,00 EUR 

  • avatar-male
    Shpresa Frrokaj

    School psychologist

    Shpresa was born in Gjakova in 1988 and she is one of the managers of kindergarden ANDRRA.

  • avatar-male
    Emirëjeta Kumnova-Hoxha

    Clinical Psychologist

    Emirëjeta was born in Gjakova in 1979 and is also a manager of the kindergarden ANDRRA.

  • avatar-male
    Florentina Komani

    Financial Manager

    Florentina was born in Gjakova in 1991 and she is responsible for the financial management of the kindergarden ANDRRA.

  • avatar-male
    Berlinda Shehu

    Kindergarden Teacher

    Berlinda was born in Gjakova in 1981 and is a kindergarden teacher for children 5-6 years old.

  • avatar-male
    Angjelina Frrokaj

    Kindergarden Teacher

    Angjelina is a kindergarden teacher for children 1-2 years old.

  • avatar-male
    Besjana Vula

    Kindergarden Teacher

    Besjana is a kindergarden teacher in ANDRRA for children 3 until 5 years old.

  • avatar-male
    Fleta Boshnjaku

    Kindergarden Teacher

    Fleta is a kindergarden teacher in ANDRRA for children 4 - 5 years old.

  • avatar-male
    Mirjeta Tafarshiku

    Kindergarden Teacher

    Mirjeta is a kindergarden teacher for children 5-6 years old.

  • avatar-male
    Bleta Jusufi

    Kindergarden Teacher

    Bleta is a kindergarden teacher for children 2-3 years old.

  • avatar-male
    Brikena Berisha

    Music Teacher

    Brikena is the music teacher in the kindergarden ANDRRA.

Brikena Berisha

great campaign


Just for my children

Lisa Bedlow

This is a great campaign for a really worthy cause. The children need to be warm through the winter.


Wishing you all the best in fundraising for a great campaign

Michaela Schröder

Damit die Kids hoffentlich im Warmen sind.


Femijet jane e ardhmja jone!!

Berlinda Frrokaj

Gjithcka per femijet dhe mireqenjen e tyre. I LOVE SEEING CHILDREN SMILE! Pune te mbare stafit te angazhuar qe femijeve t'u permbushet e drejta per t'u rritur te lumtur :)

Benhard Frrokaj

Nje kontribut te vogel, me dashuri te madhe

Brigita Berisha

Buzeqeshja e femijeve me jep jete :)


great campaign

Jrene Bucher

great campaign

Valon Stavileci

great campaign


great campaign

Antoneta Delijaj

Viel Glück für Euch

Kurt Linder

great campaign

Agron Abrashi

well-being of our children is an obligation to all of us


Team of ANDRRA and the children they take care of with so much passion, competence, love and joy need our support. Keep them warm and motivated!

Burim Zherka

Ju uroj sukses me kampanjen.

Ferdinand Komani

I love children smiling

Leonard Frrokaj

Për mirëqenjen e fëmijëve dhe për një staf të përkushtuar :)


Heating is fundamental for a healthy children-friendly environment. We wish you a successful campaign.


great campaign, tfala Beni

Gjergj Lleshi

great campaign

Timo Bau bau

I love children simile

Telin Polloshka

Warm rooms, laughing children‘s hearts. Great.

Lee Meixner Kamber

great campaign Dearest Brikena

Sergio Pires

great campaign

Fadil Polloshka

great campaign

Ali Olloni

great campaign


A great and beautiful project! This is the future...

Marjan Tahiri

Sokol Tahiri

Elisaberth Kaiser

great campaign

Diana Nokaj

Keep the children warm and don't stop them from dreaming!

Visar Jasiqi

great campaign

Pellumb Vula

great campaign

Fisnik Komoni

great campaign

Kreshnik Frrokaj

great campaign

Anna Somma

:) Children are the best!

Trimor Dhomi

Warmest wishes to all the children at your kinder garden. Wish your campaign a full success.


I never went to Kindergarten... great that these children can!

Aliriza Arenliu

great campaign


great campaign

GAEA Tours GAEA Tours

great campaign


great campaign


great campaign

Oliwia Grabowska

impotant campain which needs our support


Our children are the future. Keep them warm and motivated!

GjakovaBasel NGO Gjakova

Happy Christmas for the children in ANDRRA kindergarden!

Dorothea und Georg Fankhauser

merry Christmas and a warm new Year. You do a great work all together. In this wonderful atmosphere children can grow and be happy. Shum urime !!!!