Repair Dance Hall in Gjakova

by Valeri

Funding for this Campaign ended on 2017-11-28


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Modern Dance Studio Art Design has its own activities in the halls of Culture Palace “Asim Vokshi” in Gjakova.

Modern Dance Studio Art Design has its own activities in the halls of Culture Palace “Asim Vokshi” in Gjakova, on the former pioneer hall located in the basement.

This school, has proven its quality during the past two decades through the territory of Kosova and beyond. This activity is the only cultural activity of this nature in Kosovo.


The situation of this hall requires intervention in many dimensions: Ceiling, walls, entrance, lighting podium as well as some additional requirements listed below, as well as working conditions, which have fallen below each level, walls have been partially demolished, as well as the ceiling has been damaged.



Modern dance school "Art Design" started its operations in 1995 Studio "Art Design" and except that it served as a place where young people will be entertained and educated in the spirit of modern art, it also brought a new spirit in Kosovo culture, that along the years got stretched across the country.

Art design studio for 20 years became the carrier of all major cultural manifestations in Kosovo and beyond, and made a great impact on the entire public.

The Dance Studio is located at the basement part of the facility of Culture Palace "Asim Vokshi" which is a property of the municipality of Gjakova. The culture palace gave us permission to use this space so we can practice the dance studio activities inside the institutional object since the first year after the Kosovo war. 

All what has been required from us is to keep these activities inside the Culture house and to create working conditions by ourselves and also it is our responsibility to take care of any maintenance that the place requires.

The space is part of the Culture palace and it belongs to Gjakova municipality.  We don't pay rent for the space but we provide different dances when it is needed on special occasions. 

The agreement is between the Dance Studio leader and the municipality and as reimbursement we are required to cover with dancing performances all municipality manifestation during the year, for example on the Independence Day, spring Day, Liberation Day, Christmas, Children's Day etcThe contract (agreement) is not limited, with in other words as long as the school exists. This contract has been done after the war and has been kept that way in order to take care of its continuity.

We are three people responsible for diligence of the place: myself, Jeton Vorfi as a Studio leader, my assistant Dani Thaqi and Alma V. Lama as an assistant coordinator who will observe the work of the project.



We are two standard teams, the children's team and the adult team that continually practice for public performances and do this on voluntary basis. The dance studio is an open place for all children and youth who want to be a part of it. 

Since the Modern Studio is not financed by the municipality we are obliged to provide funds on our own to maintain the place and also to take care of dancing costumes for public performances. 

The funds that are provided from these two groups have been used to maintain the Studio, pay its utility and provide the costumes and shoes needed for any performances. The problem we are facing with the studio at the moment is bigger and we can't cover it with the funds accessible from our dancers since the maintenance expenses are much higher than our budget allows us. 




The purpose of this project is to create the necessary conditions for the development of this cultural activity for all the activists who exploit this space.

We are proud and willing to keep this activity, extend it and further advance, but we need your help.

Project Budget

  •  Flooring with epoxy floor 132 m2 x 23 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - 3’336 Euros
  •  12 cm thick wall hanging 38.28 m2 x 18 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --  689 Euros
  •  Table top with marble piece 1 x160 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - 160 Euros
  •   Replacement of broken ceilings 60 x 60 pcs 15 x 8 -- -- -- -- -- --  -  120 Euros
  •   Painting of the complete studio 194.5 m2 x 2.2 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -  428 Euros
  •   Placement of wood in the walls 17m x 10 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - 170 Euros
  •   Placement of the mirror with dim 225 x 166  -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --    75 Euros
  •   Placement of reflectors 4 pcs 4 x 17.82 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --    72 Euros
  •   Gypsum separating walls and cardboard 14. 5 m2 x 24 -- -- -- -- - - 348 Euros 
  •   Ventilation 1x 450-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -  450 Euros
  •   Loud speaker 2x 170-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -380 Euros
  •   Creditcard-, banktransfer- and KosovaIdeas Platform Fees 10% -- 692 Euros

                                                                                                            Total:  6’920 Euros



  • avatar-male
    Jeton Vorfi

    Project Manager

    Born on March 16th 1968 in Gjakova. Founder and leader of Art Design dance studio. Dancer – choreograph and also Emergency Medicine Physicians. Works at Gjakova Regional Hospital.

  • avatar-male
    Alma Lama

    Project Assistant

    Born on the 24th of December 1971 in Gjakova. English professor at Universum College.

  • avatar-male
    Dani Thaqi

    Choreograph Assistant

    Born on May 5th 1993 in Gjakova. Graduated at Faculty of sports and physical education. Dancer and Volleyball player.

Alma Lama

I know this is one of a kind school in Gjakova and in all Kosova. As a dancing school, it has helped children after the war to socialize with each -other and go over the war traumas and at the same time learn how to dance.


The brought a new era in modern art in Kosova.

Burim Zherka

Suksese ne kete projekt Art Design :)

Shukrije Zherka


Albana Toplana

Art design the best school of new artist

Agim Byci

Ju uroj suksese me kete iniciative.

Arben Katona

Suksese Art Design

Shpresa Byci

Urime dhe suksese te metutjeshme me kampanjen :)

Arjeta Mullaademi Katona

Great Campaign Art Design Gjakova


Muzika është një prej detajeve më të rëndësishme të jetes tonë. Vallëzimi mund të shpalosë gjithçka misterioze që fshihet në muzikë, dhe e ka meritën shtesë që është njerëzor dhe i prekshëm. “Vallëzimi është një poemë ku çdo lëvizje është një fjalë. “

Artan Kepuska

Life is better when you dance. Dancing is like dreaming with your feet. Great campaign.


When you dance, you develop your own personality and your awareness of your partner. Success!

Georg Fankhauser

Jeton and his team do a great job for years and so many youngsters and children profit from that. Let's hope the parents and the grown up dancers back this campaign.

luan vorfi

proud with their work . great campain


great campaign

Dorothea Fankhauser

lets dance

Bleta kolqi

Keep moving, great project. Looks like a great initiative.


Dance helps children mature physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. We therefore support you in your initiative and encourage your community to be more sensible to supportive in this project and enable more young people to express their personalties through dance.

Anita Lama-Stavileci

Uroj te realizohet ky projekt.

Ardian Yvejsi

great campaign

Kreshnik Kusari

It was a great experience to be part of the dance school art design and i hope that you will achieve this goals as always because you deserve, our child deserve to have a better place a better dance floor, so in meantime i ask all the people of goodwill to participate on this project because it worth.

Sihana Bejtullahu

Being a part of Art Design dancing school was one of my best experiences as a young girl from Kosovo. I hope that this project will succeed and a lot of youth people of Kosovo will have this amazing opportunity. Good luck Jeton and friends!


Eshte studio me vlera te larta, pervec qe do te zhvilloni talentin tuaj, do te edukoheni te punoni ne ekip, pervoja e marr nga ekipa e krijuar nga Dr Jetoni vazhdon me shoqeri te sinqert dhe do te ju sherbej gjate gjith jetes ne shume fusha, kontributi i secilit ia vlen, te jemi me " rinin kulturen dhe artin".

Mentor Vorfi

I love this campaign, it is this hall where I took my first steps at learning Tango and Salsa.

Altin Bytyqi

Une jam Altini nga Gjakova momentin kur e pash projektin per restaurimin e shkolles se vallzimit nuk hezitova sepse qe nga femijeria kam mesuar te vallzoj ne kete shkolle me koregrafin Jeton Vorfi keshtuqe ja vlen te investojme ne projekt sepse i nevojitet qytetit dhe rinise se Gjakoves!

Fatmir Berisha

wish the best for this great campaign

Fitore Gojani

The only dance school in Kosova where are raised with art many generations. It deserves to continue making art for youths and others.

Raphaela Hasler

great campaign


Veq perpara!

Agron Abrashi

Let's support important Project. People have been working very hard for a long time. Don't let them down!

Fisnik Zherka

There are still fresh wonderful memories from being apart of this school for 20yrs. Once in a lifetime experience! I know you guys will make it.

Leart Zherka

great campaign

Hajdar Lluka

Ju përgëzojmë për zgjerimin e aktivitetit tuaj, dhe ju urojmë suksese në të ardhmen !

Zymryt Dulazeka

Er braucht unsere Unterstützung

Briland Dulazeka

Er braucht unsere Unterstützung

Kushtrim Shala

Happy to support this project.

Fisnik Lluhani

Great cause. Good luck!

Bleta Vorfi

art design grupi qe ka kontribuar per shume vite ne artin modern ne Kosove

Valon Stavileci

Being part of this school made my life easier. Amongst learning to dance, it helps childrens to be socialized.


This private initiative was for many years and still is one of the rare continued cultural activity for young people to participate. It needs and deserves a brush up with our help!

Greta Rama


Ilir Tullumi

great campaign


great campaign

Visar Jasiqi

have fun.

Aliriza Arenliu

keep on dancing

Jrene Bucher

great campaign

Mario Labrunie

Dancingschool Tango Argentino Switzerland greets Dancingschool Gjakova and looking foreward to our next Projekt April 2018 !!!