Art Atelier for Artists Farija & Bajram Mehmeti

by Farija and Bajram Mehmeti

Funding for this Campaign ended on 2017-11-03


Raised out of 15000.00€




Days Remaining


This project would provide us with a basic need, that of a working space. Giving us the chance to explore and expand our creative abilities.

We are two artists from Lepina, a small village outside of Prishtina, and our aim is to build a studio where we can paint in a suitable environment.

Growing up in Lepina we had no possibility to learn and practice art during our early age. Our village has no public transportation, proper education and infrastructure. The house where we live with our family is very small, dark and it is almost impossible for us to work anytime we want.

Farije: I started painting in 2001 after watching my brother Bajram paint scenes of Roma life. I portrait Romani women, mostly from my imagination, showing their colourful way of dressing up. I want to preserve this tradition and the culture of the Roma with my paintings.

Bajram: As long as I can remember, I always loved to paint. After primary school, on the advice of my parents, I enrolled at the agricultural school in Lipljan for agricultural technician. I wanted to continue to the Academy of Fine Arts, but my parents didn’t have a regular job and therefore didn’t have the money to pay for it. They only had seasonal work as day laborers in the corn fields. In 2000, I heard on the radio that Zoran Živković accepts new students for his private school of painting in Ugljare, a village in the neighbouring municipality. I was overjoyed and called him. He accepted me (free of charge).From then on, whenever I could, I went to the school  and learned a lot from him, almost all painting techniques. I mostly like to paint Roma life, so culture, tradition, rites, our work in the field, cattle keeping, roasting bread in the stone furnace, but I also paint portraits, landscapes and nature as well.

Farije:  In my paintings I always try to highlight the patterns of scarfs in the portraits i draw. I like the clothes of Roma women. I like their happy colors, their designs, the contrasts on their patterns. As i don’t have the possibility to apply my skills in real materials, the only way to conserve this culture is through painting. With your help I could provide all the necessary resources which would allow me to practice my talent in the methods i always wished to. I also plan to give workshops where i could teach this technique to other people interested.

Bajram: I mostly paint in paper with tempera colors, and when I can sell a painting, I buy with that money materials and oil paints needed for future works. If I had enough materials, my imagination would be much thicker, my painting skills broader and I could have exhibitions of my work. This campaign would also allow me and my sister to have enough space to facilitate workshops, where i would love to give lessons on drawing and painting.

We strongly believe that art can empower people to not give up on their goals, and we would like to show this to the community where we live. With the facilitation of this studio in our village we would be able to bring people together, and share our knowledge with them. Since many of us don’t have the chance to follow different educational projects in other cities, we would take the chance to bring different artists to our studio so everyone can join and learn from these artist.

With the support of our dear friends Ermal Meta, Rina Dinarama, Erza Dinarama and Katharina Schendl, we were able to have an architectural design of the studio. Which helped us define the technical aspects for the realization of a sustainable structure, and the price required for all the materials needed.

With just a small donation we get closer in making our dream reality. Thank you for your support.

To make our studio possible we need:

Steel construction: 1960 Eur

Concrete slab: 1000 Eur.

Insulated roof: 908 Eur.    

Walls insulation - Stone wool and diffuse layer: 972 Eur.

Interior Insulation of Wood: 2453 Eur.

Different gutters: 180 Eur.

Windows and doors: 1751 Eur.

Water, sewage and electricity installation: 830 Eur.

Working tables and sinks: 700 Eur.

Chairs and working desks for workshops: 970 Eur.

Sewing machine and textile: 670 Eur

Mechanical mesh for textile dyeing: 120Eur.

Fabric: 400 EUr.

Oil colors, textile color, working tools for workshops: 586 Eur.

Platform and bank fee: 1500 Eur.

Design of the studio:

Position of the studio in the garden:

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    Farije Mehmeti


    I started painting in 2001 after watching my brother Bajram paint scenes of Roma life. Since then i have continued to paint portraits of Romani women. For me is very important the conservation of Roma culture, and my artistic abilities give me the opportunity to do so. With the realization of this project we will be able to continue to paint and show to the world the great beauty that this culture has.

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    Bajram Mehmeti


    I always loved to paint but I didn’t had the chance to do so since I was young. I started painting in 2000 after i heard about an art course happening nearby my village. Since then I always continued to paint. For me painting is a way of living, in the sense that there is where i find my courage and my will to continue and try harder. I see this project as crucial for the development of myself as a painter but also as a way to empower the community in Lepina. So youngsters living here won't have to struggle as we did, and will have chances to meet and exchange with other great people.

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    Ilir Hasanaj

    Campaign coordinator

    I am a filmdirector born in Kosova and grown up in Switzerland. To be part of this project is very important as i wish that everyone in the world has the same opportunities to become an artist or an astronaut or whatever they dream of.

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great campaign

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great campaign

Dieter Schindlauer

If Rina likes it ;-)

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Benjamin MERRAN

I hope this project will see the day -

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great campaign

Georg Fankhauser

Great campaign, great video, but most astonishing are the pictures shown. E.g. the boy looking into the art container where he sees a small class of young painters, is just of amazing artistic quality! Let us know where and when we can see more in an exhibition

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great campaign

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great campaign


Ju lumt!

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Good luck with the campaign!

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I admire your artistic achievements and sensibilities

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good luck with your campaign

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Ju sa ma mirë & shkoftë mbarë!!


Kosivaideas is an open platform and it encourages all communities to participate. Your campaign is colourful and it brings a new colour variety to our platform not only through your beautiful paintings but also through your ethnical belonging. We will continue to support all ethnical communitues to be part of Kosivaideas and help everybody feel free and part of Kosovo regardless of their ethnic or religious belonging.

Elisabeth Kaiser

great campaign

Lekë Zherka

Would love to see this project happening, amazing work :)

Rodlind and Kathlyne Purrini



great campaign


I really hope you will reach your goal and you will continue living your dream which is making ART.

Kastriot Gjoni

You are amazing! Wish you luck and DO NOT stop following your dreams!

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great campaign


great campaign, for a good cause. Artists from Kosovo are creative and talented and deserve our support.


Ju prifte e mbara


great campaign

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great campaign

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great campaign for great artists!


My fingers crossed.


Good luck from Dardan, Sofia, Mirlinda and me. Hope your dream comes true!


great campaign

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great campaign

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great campaign

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We need more campaigns like this.

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An awesome campaign!

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great campaign


great campaign


great campaign


great campaign

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Interesting pictures...

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Good luck with this great initiative.

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A wonderful studio for many more wonderful pictures!

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great campaign

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I hope campaigns like this become the norm in KS soon!

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great campaign

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No recess, Fahrije and Bajram...

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I am happy to contribute to your dream and I wish you a lot of success and inspiration!

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May the force be with you!

Jehona Gjurgjeala

great campaign

Arber Lleshi

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.”


May the two artists and their atelier become a small but radiant centre of art, where also others can learn to express themselves and send the spark of visual art into many families in Lepian and beyond.

Liza Gashi

Great Campaign!


Good luck. Cant wait to see your work:)

Malush Tullumi

great campaign

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A beautiful initiative, video and campaign! I am very happy to contribute to this project and to help Fahrije and Bajram to produce more startling work and inspire other artists and young people in their community and beyond.

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Congratulations for the successful project. We hope that the young artists of your community will benefit from your skills and talent.

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great campaign

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I am certain their artistic creation will further evolve in new atelier! Congrats to organisers of rhe campaign!