Summer Camp in Mitrovica with the communities living in Mitrovica North & South

by Cultural Artistic Association AD LIBITUM

Funding for this Campaign ended on 2017-09-23


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Summer Camp at the artificial lake with youngsters from all communities and children with special needs living in Mitrovica North & South

Considering the fact that city of Mitrovica is divided in two parts for almost 20 years we thought to organize a summer camp  where youngsters from both sides of the city would participate.


The camp will take place during the weekend from 8 th – 10 th of September 2017. The dates were settled in coordination with participants and coaches.

During three days of training in camp there will be around 50 youngsters including: Albanians, Serbs, Turkish and RAE community. To be able to implement the project, it is necessary to have 55€ for each participant for accommodation and to provide artistic- sport activities under the guidance of professional coaches.


We believe the best way to connect communities with each other is through cultural - artistic projects, therefore we planned to organize the summer camp.

The participants will have the opportunity to be coached by professionals for several  days in fields of: Music, Dancing, Painting, Sport Activities as Diving, Swimming, Cycling etc.


The main purpose of the camp is integration of communities, new friendships, exchange of ideas, learning about each others traditions,language and culture in generally.


The  budget of 2.740 € is required to build the camp including tents, providing water, electricity, toilets, purchase of sport and music activities, payment of professional coaches for the training etc.

Cultural - Artistic Association AD LIBITUM since 2013 has cooperated with many international and local partners as: Pirolo Foundation, United Nations -Mission in Kosovo, Norwegian Embassy, Commercial Banks, Ministry of Culture,Youth and Sport, and many local sponsors by implementing many projects for communities, children with special needs, creating a youth orchestra, music workshops, decoration of the city -Christmas Market.

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    Arben Ademi

    Project Leader

    Arben Ademi was born on 17.02.1986 in Mitrovica. Arben finished his Bachelor and Master studies in Maastricht (Netherlands). He is a founder of Cultural - Artistic Association AD LIBITUM where he has implemented many projects until now. Beside AD LIBITUM, Arben works at Music School "Tefta Tashko in Mitrovica as a Viola & Chamber Music teacher.

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    Vejsel Abdurrahmani

    Coordinator of the Camp

    Vejsel Abdurrahmani was born in Mitrovica.Graduated at the University of Prishtina. He is a co-founder of Cultural - Artistic Association AD LIBITUM, currently working as a guitar teacher at music school Tefta Tashko".

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    Rina Ferri

    Coach of Cultural Activities

    A dedicated music teacher who loves to work with children. Together with her team she will be in charge for Cultural activities.

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    Diving Club Trepca

    Trainers for Sport Activities

    Diving club Trepca is one of the most active clubs in Mitrovica and the region. Always ready to help in emergency situations as well as in different trainings, during the summer camp they will be responsible for sport activities including: diving,swimming, exploring the are of the lake.

Visar Jasiqi

Hope this helps. Have fun.

Georg Fankhauser

May the new lake and the camp at it's boarders bring peace and quality of live to all people in Mitrovica


We must turn diversity to become our strength. By encouraging our communities to live together, we are committing to the future of our children and grandchildren. It is our chance and opportunity to overcome our dark past and build a brighter future.


let be young peopel from all communitie kreativ together, that is real peacework bravo

Anselm Ibing

Good work!

Flamur Ferati

Projekt me se i nevojshem per qytetin e Mitrovices. Shpresoj qe edhe te tjeret do ta mbeshtesin projektin

Isma Ademi

Great idea! Considering the situation in Mitrovica this project definitly needs to be implemented

Team Members KOSOVA ideas

Make Kosovo a better place to live with your project! Keep the momentum!

Roland Meury

hopeful campaign

Agron Abrashi

Great campaign, Keep up the good work!

René Kaiser

great campaign

Kushtrim Hoxha

great campaign

Burim Zherka

Wish you a great success with your campaign, and congratulate for the initiative.


Enjoy creative life together

Lia Hasler

great campaign


fingers crossed for your success


great campaign

Jrene Bucher

great campaign


great campaign

Bekim Gjoka

Keep moving, great project.

Jean-François Cautain

Looks like a great initiative.