Lumbardhi Public Again

by Lumbardhi Foundation

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A former cinema and cultural heritage site aiming to be a central point of arts, performance, learning, co-working and civic exchange.

LUMBARDHI Public Again!


LUMBARDHI is a former cinema and cultural heritage site located in the heart of Prizren, aiming to be a central point of cultural expression, performance, learning, doing, co-working and civic exchange in Prizren and Kosovo.


Lumbardhi Cinema: A brief history


Built after WWII, LUMBARDHI includes both an indoor and outdoor cinema that operated for half a century as the main cultural venue of the city, housing film screenings, concerts, festivals, meetings and social gatherings of different kinds, being an important part of the collective memory of its city and 3 generations of audiences. After 1999, as a socially-owned enterprise, the cinema became devoid of a management and institutional support and was left into decay.


As a response to this, in 2002 in its outdoor part, a group of citizens started the documentary and short film festival DokuFest, with the aim of bringing back cultural life and film to what had been a city of cinephiles. Nevertheless, in spite of the needs of the cultural scene and the citizens, the local and central authorities pressured from real estate speculations, have attempted twice to demolish the building and turn it into a commercial area with parking lots and a shopping mall. First in 2007, citizens gathered around the time of the festival and collected 8000 signatures to oppose this process, while in 2014 got together under the "Initiative for the Protection of Lumbardhi Cinema" with 58 civil society organisations, to protest its privatisation, nominate it for the cultural heritage list and propose alternatives for its future use and re-vitalisation. Amidst great media attention, public pressure and a persistent work of the activists, the cinema was rescued and became an enlisted heritage property, paving way to its becoming functional again, with the continuation of the initiative in the form of an organisation.  


Lumbardhi Foundation 


Lumbardhi Foundation emerged as a follow-up entity to the Initiative, with the purpose of running programs, improving the infrastructure and reviving LUMBARDHI as a community-based independent cultural space. Since the re-opening in May 2015, mainly in the outdoor part of the cinema, the organisation has run film programs, lectures from artists, theoreticians, makers and filmmakers, organised various conferences, workshops and educational activities, organised concerts and music programs, hosted festivals and many activities, giving its space to grass-roots initiatives, small start-ups and various actors of the city and building a big family of partners, supporters and associates who helped the community go through all these phases.



Despite being the second largest city in Kosovo, Prizren lacks adequate indoor public spaces. Due to this, the city has a very poor cultural and social life throughout the year, in contrast to its dynamic summers. Making a site located in the heart of the city functional, would in itself make the city more livable for its youth. Accommodating a screening, performance and concert venue, that could be a rehearsal space, workspace, conference and seminar room, LUMBARDHI will be at the service of the citizens and youth, including architects, activists, artists, filmmakers, hackers, scholars and various community groups, becoming the favourite public space of the city again.  


What do we need?

Having completed the necessary emergency interventions that included the construction of a new roof, improving the basic sanitary facilities, installing electricity and fixing the damaged parts of the interior, the organisation aims to make the indoor part functional with another set of works, that can make the building usable throughout the year and responding to various needs of the local community.

With your support, we will be able to create and furnish a small library, a co-working space and a seminar space within the cinema, isolate parts of the multi-purpose hall, buy basic equipment including lighting and sound system for the indoor hall, which besides making the building usable and accessible, will also support the initiative in becoming more sustainable in the mid-run.

Your support will add great value to this peoples-driven initiative and expand the network of individuals and institutions involved in building an entity that belongs to the city and its future.


Estimated costs


Adapting a multi-purpose work and conference space - 5,000 EURO

Lighting fixtures and installation for the indoor hall - 2,500 EURO 

Furniture for public programs and the workspace - 3,000 EURO 

Isolation of the cinema hall and elementary heating facilities - 7,000 EURO 

Sound system for film screenings, conferences and performances - 5,000 EURO 

Platform costs (10% of total goal for bank transfers and maintenance) - 2,500 EURO 

  • avatar-male
    Ares Shporta


    Ares is the director of Lumbardhi Foundation. He has studied Cultural Management in Istanbul and has worked at DokuFest, SURF, CCK, and also as a freelance writer and translator. He is in charge of programs, organisational development and growth of Lumbardhi.

  • avatar-male
    Malbora Krajku


    Malbora is a musician the coordinator of activities at Lumbardhi Foundation. She oversees the local networks, communication and events at Lumbardhi.

  • avatar-male
    Aneta Nurkollari


    Aneta is a graphic and visual identity designer based in Munich. She has developed the visual identity of Lumbardhi and designs all visual material related to the organisation.

  • avatar-male
    Leke Lleshi

    Venue coordinator

    Leke is an allrounder who manages the venue of Lumbardhi, is in charge of production and all technical affairs.

  • avatar-male
    Andrra Sylqe

    Social Media and Communication

    Andrra is a social media strategist who helps the outreach of LUMBARDHI and this campaign in the digital domain.

  • avatar-male
    Tevfik Rada


    Tevfik is part of the programs team of Lumbardhi and curates film and music programs at the cinema. He has studied architecture and sociology.


congratulations from a group of Cinema Lumbardhi fans in Burgundy, France


great campaign!

Leke Zherka

Kenaqesi me e mbeshtet kete projekt, me shpresen qe kemi me pas iniciativa te tilla ne krejt Kosoven.

Visar Jasiqi

great campaign

Ervin Parashumti


Mentor Sahiti

Keep it further as the central location for cultural events

Ilir Nikqi

great campaign

Arber Lleshi

Gathering funds for this campaign is of an extreme importance for the success of youth and culture of Prizren, but not only. Lumbardhi can and will stimulate initiatives all over Kosove.



John Osborne

Wonder addition to Prizren and Dokufest!

Mentor Dida

I believe in this team!

Fondacioni "UNË E DU KOSOVËN"

We are pleased to encourage the cultural initiative Lumbardhi and help defend our society from deteriorating into a society of plain consumerism and materialism. Keep up your motivation and continue to give good examples for our young generations.



Besim Grazhda

veq perpara


great campaign


great campaign


Lumbardhi is ours and will always be!

Albulen Ajgeri

great campaign

Aneta Nurkollari

#Lumbardhi Forever

Eroll Bilibani

We need our Lumbardhi to be public again!

Meriton Ferizi

great campaign


great campaign

Andrea Kuhn

Love from Germany - Dokufest and Lumbardhi rock!

Claire Aguilar

good luck !

Sejran Morina

great campaign, good luck fr.o.m. Sweden! Prizrenas i vjetër.



Antoneta Kastrati

Lumbardhi has a special place for all of us who started our filmmaking career in Kosova and grew with Dokufest. Happy to help in any way. I will share it with others. Good luck!


great campaign

Karen Stokkendal

great campaign


Go on, guys!

Anne Marie Kürstein

great campaign

Katarina Pavić

Keeping fingers crossed



Anselm Ibing

Bring the cinema back!

Hana Kulhankova

Fingers crossed, you are making great things in Kosovo.

Aliriza Arenliu

great campaign


great campaign

Arjan Bekqeli

great campaign


great campaign

Team Members KOSOVA ideas

Make Kosovo a better place to live with your project! Keep the momentum!


great campaign

Alush Gashi

No Recess, girls and boys!




great campaign


great campaign

Arijeta Shporta

great campaign

GjakovaBasel, Basel

Iniciativë shumë e qëlluar! Aktivizmi qytetarë si shembull për mbrojtjen e trashegimisë kulturore.

Agron Abrashi

Let's support this and similar Projects throughout Kosova.

Sylvia Harvey

Good luck with your valuable cultural initiative


great campaign

Qendra Multimedia

Prizren should be so proud to have this wonderful new venue. We at Qendra Multimedia in Prishtina look so much forward to cooperate with Lumbardhi

Soma Bookstation

Lumbardhi mbetet dëshmi e gjallë se Vullneti i Pastër është Magjia e vetme që funksionon.

Kujtim Nikoliqi

great campaign


good luck!

Kushtrim Hoxha

great campaign

Leyla Pekin

great campaign



Srdan Keca

Keep it up, comrades.


What a great initiative to save the cultural heritage of this absolutely fabulous annd historically important town. Special thanks go Ares Shporta for all his tireless efforts to save the cinema and its legacy!

eremire KRASNIQI

great campaign

Dardane Arifaj


Ganimete Hasanaj

Ju shkoftë sa ma mbarë!!


Great space, great project

Alba Cakalli

Let's make Lumbardhi Great Again!

Floris &Elida van Nierop-Toçilla

Lumbardhi has a special place in our hearts and we wish you the best of luck with restoring its rightful place in the heart of Prizren's cultural life.

Burim Zherka

Looking forward to see this campaign succeed, and hopefully see similar initiatives in other cities around Kosovo as well.

Vasif Kortun

great campaign

Alain Schilli

Love the idea, empassioned about the realization.

Dea Gjinovci

Love Dokufest and Prizren!

Anton Gjergjaj

great campaign

Angel & Sara Play-Doc

Culture makes man more than an accident of the universe.

Çağdaş Çorbacıoğlu

Vive le cinéma !

saruhan doğan

ellerinize sağlık

Arian Zherka

Great Campaign

Forum for Civic Initiatives FCI

Suad Softa

Projekti i qëlluar sukses

Agon Maliqi

great campaign


Kantensprung Stiftung

Fantastic Project! Lumbardhi is and will become even more now a free space for free minds and fresh ideas that will spread in and around the city of Prizren and beyond. And we hope, that with our contribution we can motivate many other people and organisations to back the campaign in the remaining days to make it 100% successful.

Christophe Girard

great campaign

Mergim Cahani

Good luck

Gezim Pacarizi

Me fat!

Ilir Gorani

great campaign

Ilir Dugolli

great campaign

Fundraiser from the Play Carla D

great campaign


Lumbardhi forever :)


Good luck!!!

Bleron Baraliu

Terrific job in coming this far Ares and team, and best of luck going forward!

Vullnet Sanaja

Let's make Lumbardhi public again #kinoperqytetin!