Music project in the kindergarten of a country school

by Dorothea Fankhauser

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The kindergarden children in Terstenik love music but they need instruments to improve their music skills.

The very remote country school in Terstenik is run by the committed, artistically interested director Bekim Xhoka. Painting, drawing, folks dance, ballet and theater have been taught for some time with the simplest means. The offer is enthusiastically used by the pupils.
For several months, the singer and music teacher Valmir Shala has joined the teaching staff. He directs a small student choir, accompanies the dance groups and organizes musical events in the large entrance hall of the school. Several concerts have already taken place in Terstenik with youth orchestras from Switzerland.
The school also has a large kindergarten with over 40 children. Valmir would like to sing and play music with them also. 'Music sets the soul free' is he convinced and already full of ideas what music pieces to play with the kids.
We have already been initiating music projects at the kindergarten 'Oases' in Prishtina and 'Andrra' in Gjakova. With a lot of enthusiasm the children sing and play there on simple instruments such as triangle, xylophone, flutes, harmonica, drum instruments. These music lessons, which take place once or twice a week, have a great social and educational value in addition to the joy it gives to the children, as the teachers confirm.
For Terstenik, we would like to have a good, e-piano, which could be used in the kindergarten as a pedagogical accompaniment of the pupils choir as well as in the concert hall. In addition, we would like to have melody and rhythm instruments for the kindergarten so that the children could play and develop their talent in their own little orchestra.
For the realization of this music project we need about Euro 1300.
Please help us, that in Terstenik the music can gain its place it deserves.

Thank you, 
Dorothea Fankhauser

  • avatar-male
    Valmir Shala

    Music Teacher

    Valmir Shala was born on 16.06.1989 in the village of Buroja (Municipality of Skenderaj). Valmir finished his bachelor studies in the faculty of arts at the university of Prishtina, with concentration on music (solo singing).

  • avatar-male
    Bekim Istoku

    Teacher for Painting

    Bekim guides and helps pupils competent and with passion.

  • avatar-male
    Burim Zherka

    Coordinator and Translator

    Burim is our man of trust and takes care, that nothing is missing and that everybody understands everybody.

  • avatar-male
    Bekim Xhoka

    Director of School

    Bekim loved and respected by the children of the school, a team player with his colleagues open minded and fully committed to cooperate.

  • avatar-male
    Dorothea Fankhauser

    Initiator and soul of project

    Dorothea knows many children at the school in Terstenik from the families nearby she is supporting since many years.

Pellumb Vula

great idea I strongly support this project

Vjollca Kuqi

Do ishte kënaqësi ti dëgjojë këto cicërima zërash të përcjelur nga ndonjë instrument. Suksese në fushatë të knei <3.

Agron Abrashi

We are the children, we are the world...


great campaign

Annatina Strub

great campaign


We support this great campaign. Good luck :)

Visar Jasiqi

Keep up the good work

Zofia Neugebauer

great campaign

Burim Zherka

Let the music play :)


great campaign


great campaign

Kaiser René

great campaign

Arber Lleshi

May the kids enjoy the music and free their passion.

Anselm Ibing

Wonderful work! :)