Cycle Kosovo for Children

by Action for Mothers and Children

Funding for this Campaign ended on 2017-06-25


Raised out of 2000.00€




Days Remaining


The Cycle Kosovo for Children in cooperation with Action for Mothers and Children organize the yearly charity cycling tour around Kosovo.

The Cycle Kosovo for Children is a fundraising event, started in 2014, in cooperation with Action for Mothers and Children - AMC. Since then, a group of 40 – 50 cyclists participate in the annual tour, cycling around Kosovo, passing through major cities in the country, including 500 km of cycling and 6,000 meters of climbing. The tour continued in 2015 and 2016, with the same goal, namely raising funds for the Prishtina University Hospital Maternity Unit. Each year, the event was able to raise between 10 and 14 thousand Euros, through corporate sponsorship, individual donations, and end-of-tour event organized in Prishtina. The money was used for the purchase of a Haematology Analyser, UV lamps for baby incubators, and Cardiopulmonary Monitors, which was donated to the Maternity Unit in Prishtina.

Building on the success of 2014-2016, we are organizing another charity cycle event. 

We hope to raise funds for Action for Mothers and Children, which this year will deliver the CRP/CBC equipment to the Neonatology Intensive Care Unit in Peja. To put it simply, this equipment is essential to measure the severity of blood infections in babies, allowing for prompt antibiotic therapy, proper duration of antibiotics, and treatment follow-up by taking baby’s blood right at the incubator. It’s highly efficient; the results are ready in 4 minutes, after a single blood draw. Use of this equipment is expected to improve the efficiency of care provided for our newborns in Peja.

The challenge will be to cycle around Kosovo in three days passing through many of the major cities. The total distance will be over 300 miles (500km) with 5000 meters of climbing starting from Prishtina, through:

Day1 (June 2nd ):  Prishtine- Gjilan-Ferizaj-Prevalle-Prizren-Gjakove

Day2 ( June 3rd ): Gjakove-Valbone (Albania)-Junik-Peje

Day3 (June 4th): Peje-Mitrovice-Bajgore-Podujeve-Prishtine

Our goal is to raise at least 8,000 euros, through a corporate sponsorship, direct donations and an end of event party.  

From  KosovoIdeas, we are asking all kindhearted people to help us raise a part of our goal, a found of 2,000  Euros so we can be able to purchase the CRP analyzer to Peja’s hospital.

  • avatar-male
    Albion Hadri

    Cycle Kosovo for Children team m

    Albion Hadri is a cyclist from Pristina. He has been part of the Cycle Kosovo for Children team from the beginning of the event.

  • avatar-male
    Mark Dixon

    Cycle Kosovo for Children team m

    Mark is an international cyclist who lives and works in Kosovo. Mark has been part of the Cycle Kosovo for Children team since the beginning of the event.

  • avatar-male
    Agim Bilalli

    Cycle Kosovo for Children team m

    Agim is part of the Cycle Kosovo for Children team. He is a cyclist from Prishtina that has been part of our team since the first year that our event took place.

  • avatar-male
    Refki Morina

    Cycle Kosovo for Children team m

    Refki Morina Is A Cyclist From Pristina. He is Part Of The Cycle Kosovo For Children Team.

  • avatar-male
    Mrika Aliu

    Executive Director at Action for

    Mrika is the Executive Director of Action for Mothers and Children (AMC) sine July 2014. Before assuming her current position, she served as a Program Development Manager for a year and was in charge of developing and supervising Women Health Resource Center, Cervical Cancer Screening Program, and research on needs assessment for women and newborns. Before joining AMC, Mrika ran the Career Services and Alumni Relations office at A.U.K. for a period of three years.

  • avatar-male
    Tanita Zhubi

    PR&Event assistant Action For Mo

    Tanita Zhubi is the Events & PR assistant Action for Mothers and Children. Tanita finished her master degree in International Relations, at Aarhus University in Denmark. One of her biggest interest are politics and international relations in Balkans, political theories, political thinkers and influence of globalization in third-world countries. Even though her passions are directed towards interests mentioned above, she founds it challenging to work with AMC staff, as Events&PR assistant. She enjoys working together to broaden visions and to gather and spread knowledge.

Mark Kosmo

great campaign

Anselm Ibing

I wish you strong legs for the ambitious 3-days ride and many open hearts and pockets on the way to raise the money !


I will not be present with my bike, so with my credit card I show: I like!


great campaign

Barry Smith

great campaign

Artan Zhushi

great campaign

Chad Briggs

Hope this helps


great campaign

Jehona Gjurgjeala

Inspiring efforts for a worthwhile cause.

Bernard Feuillye

great campaign

Conor Tierney

Looking forward to it

Julie Dubé Gagnon

congrats and go Conor!

William McAuliffe

Have a super roll Conor Stephen and Valerie!

Carol Briggs

Happy to support anything that our son feels is worthy!@

Jillian Crowther

I am so impressed by you Artan and all your team mates. Really well done.

Callum Weeks

A donation from Callum & Inela to keep Conor Tiernay cycling for the great campaign - as if he needs incentive?


Wish you the best of luck

Emily Cullen

Well done uncle Conor, hope the body is recovering! Happy to support little people like me, lots of love, Emily x

Heike Horlacher

Best event ever!

Alban Ibrahimi

Next year, full three days ;-)

Agron Abrashi

Happy to promote all sport Projects. We get so much in return.