“Books-Education and Experience"

by Vita

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The project is about publishing a book that tackles war and post-war experience in Kosovo, and appreciation of life in peace and harmony.


The project is about publishing a book that tackles some parts of war diary in Kosovo and post war experience that helped me to recover and appreciate life in peace and harmony with all community members.                  

Description of the project:

In my book I will promote psychosocial education and urge of society to believe on transformation of Kosovar's from war nightmare and anxiety to self- search improvement; from perception of hate to love, peace and reconciliation.

In this book I’m traveling with two time dimension, war & peace with sound of love, hope, cry and joy, with colors and melodies that are produced from us and all community members in Balkan.

Book will present lyrical  and epic writing and poetic prose, the book will tune readers from war story to passion for life and humanity and reflects beauty of the nature in Kosovo and neighboring countries.

Book itself will promote activism toward personal development and community building;

Will encourage communities to read books, and inform younger generation that didn’t experience war for importance of Peace Building.

The crisis of the book in Kosovo derives from many reasons starting from transition of society to fragile institution, lack of funds to supporting literacy, art and culture.  

Translating this book in English will help me to introduce my book to broader readers and therefore increase my incomes to translate in German language in addition.

Writers existed thanks to readers therefore I’m kindly requesting to support me finalizing and publish my book.

Direct beneficiaries:   It is expected that a large number of people will reach books in hard copy and e-book form.

The direct beneficiaries of this project will be approximately 3.000 readers of Gjakova municipality and Kosovo.

It’s planned to translate book in English language within budget, and German language in near future.

Indirect beneficiaries: Readers through contacts with their sibling, peers, media reports etc. Families and community members who live in the area will indirectly benefit from the heightened discourse and new level of understanding for books.

Public Awareness Activities: Organization of a media campaign (one TV emission, and four radio emissions during five month, radio activities at literacy and cultural programs.

Timeline: A suggested timeline for these events is May/ September 2017. Starting from Preparation of project; Redacting, designing and Publishing; Introduction to public, media, schools and institutions 

Implementing Partners: Literature club "Gjon Nikoll Kazazi” from Gjakova; Ten (10) high schools and faculties; 10 volunteers;

A short description of the requesting person:

Vjollca Kuqi was born on July 4, 1970, in Gjakova. She obtained degree for Physical Education in Pristina and the Master of Management and Planning at the University of Padua in Italy.

Its vibrant and active on commitments building movements, sensible with artistic expression, paints and writing poetry and poems. So far has published poetry books and is in process of third one.

Vjollca Kuqi is active in women's empowerment programs, She is volunteering at women’s Network “QELIZA” with purpose of improving the status of women and children through educational, cultural and sport activities.


Detail Budget Background:

Budget items


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Editorial services


 500 €


500 €

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Translating book

















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    Vjollca Kuqi


    Vjollca was born on 4th July 1970 in Gjakova/ Kosovo. She obtained Degree(s) Faculty of physical education; Master study for "Planning and Management of Co-operation and Training Activities in Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY -Board member; PR person for women’s network “Qeliza”(2002/present) -Coordinator of educational center/ kindergarten 2007/2009 -Volunteering for Women’s Network-Focal point; -Cultural mediator 2005-9 Women’s and youth network (organizing different cultural events, exhibition, lunched books for herself and other women and youths; -Train in for children’s right, “Anti-harassement program;

  • avatar-male
    Rajmonda Duraku


    Rajmonda was born on 02/06/1973. She graduated at Faculty of Education and is passionate in didactic teaching works with artistic improvisations. She is a reader of poetry and a supporter of modern art.

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    Fatmir Kuqi


    Fatmir is graduated in natural sciences, whereas currently engaged in studying general Law as well. He has extensive experience in working with various NGOs in the field of human rights and good governance. He is currently working for the OSCE Mission in Kosovo within the department of Human Rights and Communities. He is very fond of books and poetry and a strong supporter of his sister Vjollca Kuqi.

Mark Kosmo

great campaign

Dorothea Fankhauser

Looking forward to read your lyrics in English soon


Art is the base of a state, success !


Shumë sukses për projektin tuaj !


Librat janë dritare e hapur e mundësive.


Looking forward to hear your poems at Cultural Park in Gjakova this summer and at many other venues in Kosovo and abroad, Success!

Anselm Ibing

Best of luck for the publishing and distribution of your book, which I'm sure will help heal the wounds of war.


“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” - Ernest Hemingway

Lynne Candy

I am so happy to offer a small contribution to your project. I am a singer songwriter, and am also committed to the transformational art of writing, poetry, and music. All the best for you and your country. I was there last year, to visit my friends, and I keep Kosovo and Palestine close in my heart. All the best to you!


great campaign

Johanna Schwarz

I believe in the power of words - and books are still a key to open treasures for everybody.


great campaign

Zofia Neugebaue

great campaign

Trimor Dhomi

Interesting idea, all the best with your campaign and future ideas toward books - education and experience.

Arben Duraku

great campaign

Burim Zherka

Success with your campaign.

Edmond Meqa

Urime Voca, kojshike :-) Suksese!


Best of luck!!!

Sonia Cautain

Great initiative. Well done.





Agron Abrashi

We can Forgive but never Forget. We have done so litle in postwar care and healing that's why i support this crucial Projects.