Cultural Park "Ali Podrimja"


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An open-air Cultural Park where cinematography, and other visual arts can be displayed, with space for expression from young talents.


Gjakova is a city located in the southeastern part of Kosovo, with approximately 120.000 citizens. After the war of 1999, many things changed, making no exception for the economic and cultural aspects, which suffered considerably.

Except the activities organized time by time from the Palace of Culture, there is lack of constant events in culture, with cinematography being obsolete for many years.

The interest and talent are not missing though. What is missing is an alternative scene where these talents and interest can be expressed, letting the only way for entertainment and socializing for youth in Gjakova be in coffee bars and restaurants.


This project is based as a non-profit project, with a goal in creating a non-formal cultural park where movies and documentaries can be displayed, musical and theatrical shows can be organized, not letting aside events in literature and drawing.

Cultural education throughout the above mentioned activities, by enabling young artists in cinematography, music, arts and drawing, and other artistic disciplines to express their talents and skills, with a long-term plan for the functioning of Cultural Park “Ali Podrimja” starting with at least a three-year long plan which supports art and culture are our main goals.

We consider this project important because except revitalizing the cinematography and culture, we want to improve the social life of our co-citizens, especially those in need as we are collaborating with different organizations, to dedicate for them the entry fees.

The support from the Municipality of Gjakova is essential until now, providing us with the space where this cultural park will be established, the “Ali Podrimja” square in Gjakove, with a location near the Education Directorate in Gjakove, close to the musical school “Prenk Jakova”, easily reachable by walking from anywhere in the city.


This project is ideated from us three, Ednor, Arber and Jetmir. But it is not only us three, taking in consideration the huge support from the entire community hungry to perform, or be a spectator to performances.

The cultural park is all going to be developed in cooperation with GjakovaBasel NGO, under a memorandum of understanding which states that all assets and copyright material will be under the ownership of GjakovaBasel, until we have our own NGO structure.


The donation we are seeking with this campaign from you will give us the opportunity to purchase the technical equipment for our cultural park (a video projector with high quality, audio devices, and a laptop), building the screen, comforting the seats and borrowing of the movies or the realization of the program.

We plan on being financially sustainable for the upcoming years (three years at least). This because we do not need to buy more technical equipment, and we will use our income from the park to fix the equipment, buy what is needed and maintain everything.

Our income will be made from two main sources, the first being the income from the shop that will be located inside the Cultural Park “Ali Podrimja”, and the second from the income generated from private sector and businesses who wants to promote their brand or products inside our cultural park (an income which will help us considerably for the fund of realizing the cultural program in the upcoming years).

In case we do not achieve in reaching our requested amount, we have a plan B in case we gather less funds. We plan on leasing the technical equipment, and shorten down the period of time which this cultural park will operate, flexible to the exact support gathered from all the contributors on this campaign.


  • High Quality Open-Air Video Projector - 2,300.00EUR
  • High Quality Open-Air Audio Equipment - 2,200.00EUR
  • Screen Building - 700.00EUR
  • Additional Technological Equipment (Laptop and Blu-Ray) - 800.00EUR
  • Power and other Cables - 300.00EUR
  • Program Expenses (Movie Renting and Show Organizing) - 2,500.00EUR
  • Comforting the Space (Hoarding, Extra-Seats, Stands) - 1,000.00EUR
  • Bank Fees and Platform Fees - 980.00EUR

  • avatar-male
    Ednor Hoti

    Project Leader

    Co-founder of “Sektori 3”, an NGO that has as a main purpose encouraging youth to be part of artistic and social projects. Has a passion about photography and theatre, with a professional background on business management.

  • avatar-male
    Arber Lleshi

    Project Leader

    Engaged now in managing positions with “Fondacioni BONEVET”, an environment for education in science, technology and arts. Loves movies and scientific documentaries.

  • avatar-male
    Jetmir Rogova

    Project Leader

    Co-founder of “Përalla”, a yearly festival of music and art, organized for two years in a row. Jetmir is an admirer of music, and has a background on technology, with lots of knowledge about it.

  • avatar-male
    Valmira Mullatahiri

    Project Volunteer

    Valmira is 18 and wants to be a doctor. She always loved doing volunteer work and getting involved with social projects.

  • avatar-male
    Diellza Salicana

    Project Volunteer

    Diellza soon wants to start her studies in English Language. She has an admiration for painting, and is all the time looking forward in helping in different social initiatives.

  • avatar-male
    Egzon Cana

    Project Volunteer

    Egzon is studying for Graphic Design, nurturing profession and passion for visual arts. He is always looking to be part of different activities throughout the city, and is just starting a small business as well.

  • avatar-male
    Qendresa Tara

    Project Volunteer

    Qendresa is still going to High School in Gjakove, and is a member of YMCA as a trainer.



Bashkim Dyla

Ylli Pylla

Mimoza Cana

Zana Nallbani


Arber Deva


Alban Pruthi

great campaign


great campaign

Lekë Zherka

Great project & leading team. Highly appreciate your efforts and calling out everyone to support and share this project, but most importantly financial support :)

Jehona Binaku

Great project! I like it very much. Wish you a successful campaign!


great campaign


The effect this project can have on the youth and overall community of Gjakova is incredible. It is essential for every human to have a healthy place for socializing and get educated through arts and culture.

Besmir Rraci

Edona Bejtullahu


great campaign


great campaign

Agron Abrashi

It is a must to get this Project completed. All the best!




great campanje

GjakovaBasel, Basel

Urime! Një nevojë e madhe, njerëzit e duhur, në vendin e bukur dhe një komunitet në rritje. Ideja për parkun kulturor "Ali Podrimja" duhet te jetë frymëzim për shumë projekte të tjera kulturore në të gjithë Kosovën.

Die Idee des Kulturparks sollte eine Inspiration für viele weitere Kulturprojekte im Kosovo sein.

Arbër Doli

great campaign


Kinemaja e shfaqjet kulturore jane socializim. Mosfunksionimi i kinemase per shume vite ne qytetin e Gjakoves bene qe te kontriboj per kete kampanje.

Besiana Gjoshi

great campaign


great campaign

Liridona Ponosheci

Suksese :)

Azdren Coma

great campaign


Let's get plays and movies back on stage!

Egzon Mjeku

Big hello from the staff at Adaptiv-it working for the platform of Kosovaideas.I like the project and believe in the team. Cannot wait to see the participate in the first event

Georg Fankhauser

I wish every Gjakovar is aware that he can be proud to have such an initiative in his city and is also proud to back this campaign with whatever amount he or she can afford.

Veton Bejtullahu

great campaign

Granit Sahatqija

Taulant Rezniqi

Po dojim kulture!

Malush Tullumi

great campaign

Luan Saraqi

UPSHIFT 2017 Team

We are happy to contribute to the project our city needs so much with our awarded funds from UPSHIFT 2017. We will be still part of the project as volunteers to help further for this project. (Egzon, Qendresa, Valmira, Diellza)

Bersant Deva

Blin Bakija

great campaign

Barbana Gjoshi

Together we can make the difference. well done Guys :)

Butrint Rudi

great campaign

Dardan Duraku

Moti ka mungese per dicka te ngjashme ne Gjakove. Krejt jemi me ju.

Finn Guttormsen

great campaign

Shpend Hana

Ju lumte per kete projekt me se te nevojshem per Gjakoven.

Veton Hana

great campaign

Denisa Xhelal Zhubi

great campaign

Besa Binaku


great campaign


great campaign

Pleurat Komani

Kreshnik Frrokaj

great campaign

Erblin Xerxa

edhe ajo kenga qe ju e kendoni shkruhet, si po shkruaka kenga? (Udha e shkronjave)

Alban Tullumi

great campaign

Leke Vula

great campaign


great campaign

Vatan Koci

Vegim Krelani

Ide e qelluar.

Mark Ortinau

great campaign

Chapter Bar

great campaign

Butiku Bigstar

great campaign

Arbi Xhiha

Florent Qaushi

Veq perpara me ide te mira..

Drini Xhiha

Ju deshiroj shume Sukses!


Një nismë shumë e qëlluar që duhet përkrahur! - KLUBI ROTARIAN GJAKOVA CABRATI

ERINA N.T. Qendrim

great campaign...

Arlind Lleshi

great campaign

Asdren Xerxa


Diana Nokaj

This is an awesome opportunity for the youth in Gjakova and the citizen in general. Keep up the good work!!



Korab Qarri


Jehona Gjurgjeala

Ju uroj sukses, edhe menzi pres me qene mysafire ne eventet tuaja nje dite!


Donacion 500 € nga organizimi "Një ditë në Shkugëz" Ambient Bar, Lemon Tree, Block Zone dhe Frutti

Jetmir Bakija

great campaign

Agron Abrashi

Thats keep the long cultural tradition in Gjakova by supporting this great project! I'm a proud citizen of Gjakova and very grateful to all supports for keeping this tradition alive.