Clarinets and Flutes Maintenance

by Pëllumb Vula

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A music professor at the music school in Gjakova realizes a workshop for the repair of clarinets and flutes for students in Kosovo

Clarinettist and professor at Music School ‘Prenk Jakova’, Pëllumb Vula realizes a repair and maintenance workshop for clarinets and flutes at the music school in Gjakova and helps with his service musicians from all Kosovo.

The Swiss foundation Pirolo initiated a similar project for string instruments at the same school back in 2012, which is run since then by Lekë Zherka with passion and professional skills. As much as string instrument player with this were well served and happy, clarinet and flute player had nothing similar through out Kosovo and have to go to Tirana even for small maintenance work. In view of this big need and stimulated by the successful remedy of the problem implemented for strings, Pëllumb Vula decided to address this need for winds. Fascinated by the delicate and precise technic of wind instruments and with the help and connections of Pirolo Foundation in Basel, Pëllumb was introduced and initiated into the art of repairing and maintenance of wind instruments in the workshop of the well known Oesch brothers at Musikhaus Oesch in Basel.

Pëllumb and the Pirolo bought a first set of repair materials and tools and started the project in January 2017. Motivated by the satisfaction of this volunteer work for the pupils of the school and by the big demand from other musicians, Pëllumb will offer his services now also for more complicated repair work and to musicians from all over Kosovo. To do so, it needs as a initial investment some specialized and professional tools and equipment and additional material and spare parts for about 2’800.- Euros. At present and for 2017 pupils and musicians pay just the cost of the material and in future prices will be gradually increased to cover full cost and make the project fully sustainable.

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    Lejla Beqiri

    Supporting and Controlling Flute

    Flute Professor at Music Faculty in Tetovo - Macedonia and Music School in Gjakova

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    Pëllumb Vula

    Clarinet and Flute Mender

    Clarinet Professor at Music School of Gjakova and Pirolo Orchestra Leader/Conductor

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Viel Erfolg

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great campaign

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Through music and sport we are joined in one world


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great campaign

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great campaign


Making an instrument is one thing, maintaining it is another.

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I fully support this great project, which will help a lot all of students and professional instrumentalists...Go PELLUMBI

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great campaign

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This is a great initiative, and looking forward to seeing Pëllumb equipped and ready to take care of all wind instruments for the music school and others.

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A campaign which needs to be supported!


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